The Project

Billy, Tim, Skyla, Erinn, Fekadu, and Johanna, the first 6 Storytellers

Thought Process

Towards the end of September 2017, I had an idea that became the centerpiece for an upcoming exhibit. It would later become My Picture Tells A Story. What if I had six people tell me their stories, six different stories? What if I used six images on each canvas? It could be a unique Seeing in Sixes project.

The First Six

Once the concept was born, I needed six volunteers. Taking a chance, I looked for them where I work. Receiving more than I needed, I took the first six. Johanna, Skyla, Erinn, Billy, Fekadu, and Tim brought My Picture Tells A Story to life.

My Picture Tells A Story

Starting in November 2017, over seven months, Billy, Tim, Skyla, Erinn, Fekadu, and Johanna told me their personal stories. During each story session, everyone dressed sat, spoke, and moved as they chose. Never rehearsed, prompted, or interrupted, every narrative was spontaneous. I never talked during the story sessions. Each story took 30 to 90 minutes to tell. I took 500 to 1,500 images each time. I then chose six in chronological order to tell their story.

The Project Continues

"My Picture Tells A Story" continues with 22 more Storytellers

The Next Fourteen

From January 2019 through December 2019. Lisa, Shanae, Amanda M., Heather, Brian, Allen, Cristina, Jenny, Sue, Connie, Beverly, Jeremy, Amanda S., and Robin completed the First Twenty Stories.

The Kamala Harris Inspired Stories

The Kamala Harris Inspired series began in November 2020. Yuqing, Harlene, Andrea, Barbara, Cora, Mary, Ethel, and Michelle each told their story of what the election of Kamala Harris to Vice President of the United States meant to each of them. Then there were 28 stories that are My Picture Tells A Story.

The Tucson Musician Series

In April 2023, the Tucson Musician Series began with Jillian Bessett's sublime story.