A Tour De Force of Photography,

"Schlosburg’s portraits connect the viewer to universal but often unexpressed emotions and experiences.

Barbara Bell

Sensitive and Insightful, An opportunity to look into the intimate emotions of twenty people facing some of the greatest challenges of life.

Bruce Bowers

Completely Original, Mr. Schlosburg has managed to capture raw emotions in a way that conveys more to the viewer than would written words.“

Andy Stern

Creativity So Original and Emotional, Neal creatively captured the emotions visually of these people in such an original way....so beautifully, may I add.

Ilene Pearlman

Brilliant Concept, Never have I seen such a powerful presentation of photos that shows such emotion

Robert Law

Great Study in Humans, Great character study in people and what lies beneath the outward appearance and how a photo can tell a story of a person's life.

Michael Gilberg

Very Creative Photography, Combining excellent photography and human stories. A wonderfully creative idea beautifully executed. You will be moved and uplifted by the photos in this work of art..

Marge A.
Storyteller Comments
Storyteller - Lisa
This is amazing! I am in awe of your work.
— Lisa
Storyteller - Amanda
Well done Neal! I had no idea I spoke with such expression.
— Amanda
Storyteller - Allen
You really did a beautiful job through your lens (and talents) in capturing our stories.
— Allen
Storyteller - Fekadu
It is an amazing work you've done and glad to be part of it.
— Fekadu
Storyteller - Jenny
This is just incredible! What a beautiful collection of stories and people.
— Jenny
Storyteller - Heather
All the stories are amazing! You captured my happiness.
— Heather