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Do You Have a Story to Tell?

My Picture Tells A Story, in 2018, Neal Schlosburg, storyteller and portrait photographer, began the concept in the DC Metro area. Since its inception, there have been two series totaling 28 stories.

In November 2022, Neal moved to Tucson and started the Tucson Musician series. On Saturday, April 22, 2023, the incredibly talented Jillian Bessett told her story, Eureka. It was the first story in the Tucson Series.

Join Jillian, Joshua Butcher, Lara Ruggles, and the other Tucson Musician Storytellers and tell your story.

Eureka, Jillian Bessett ~ The Journey to Making My Album, Joy

Jillian Bessett, Tucson Musicians, Do You Have a Story to Tell?

title, Jillian Bessett

Chris Sahlin

Chris Sahlin, Gallery Image

chris Sahlin, About his Story Session


“I am proud to have been included in this incredible series of Tucson Musicians telling their stories. And grateful to Neal for his talent and vision in creating these pieces, and providing a safe place for talented and sometimes complicated individuals to share themselves and the experiences that built them.” 

A Portrait Like No Other

Neal Schlosburg | Artist | Storyteller

As an accomplished portrait photographer, Neal Schlosburg has created a style of portraiture that is stunningly unique.

"The mood of an image is a shared experience between artist and viewer."

(- Neal Schlosburg -)

The Story of Storytelling

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Thirty Eight Compelling Stories,

Told by Thirty Eight Extraordinary People

"The making of the negative alone is not the making of the print."

(- Alfred Stieglitz, 1897 -)

"I found "My Picture Tells A Story" absolutely compelling, moving and utterly original. Mr. Schlosburg has managed to capture raw emotions in a way that conveys more to the viewer than would written words. I found myself coming back to the images many times with each visit experiencing something new. I highly recommend this book/work of art."

(- Andy S. -)

"A book of images combining excellent photography and human stories. A wonderfully creative idea beautifully executed. You will be moved and uplifted by the photos in this work of art."

(- Marge A. -)