The Color in Black & White Exhibit Poster - October 5, 2018

The Color in Black & White, colors elicit different moods.



We might associate colors with how we feel. Mostly, the effect of color on our daily lives is subtle. Alternatively, a brilliant red sunset or a dark grey-blue sky can stimulate vivid emotions.

Like color images, shapes, shades, textures, tones, and light are essential in black-and-white or monochrome photographs. When I choose the colors in my pictures, I am predetermining the emotional direction of the image. With a black-and-white print, depending on your reaction emotionally, you paint in your colors.

The photographs below are a selection of images from this exhibit. It was My Picture Tells A Story’s first public showing. Along with 30 other pictures, the first six stories were the Exhibit’s Showcase Images.

"Two Points Of View" - Elegant Roses

Title - Santana

Two Points Of View

"Go Now" - Tiger Lilies

Title - The Moody Blues

Go Now

"Lily (My One And Only)" - Water Lily

Title - The Smashing Pumpkins

Lily (My One And Only)

"I Might Have Been Queen" - Fire Lily

Title - Tina Turner

I Might Have Been Queen

"Shadows In A Mirror" - Water Lily

Title - Chris Isaak

Shadows In A Mirror

"Watching And Waiting" - Bird Of Paradise

Title - The Moody Blues

Watching And Waiting

"After The Rain" - Canna Lily Leaves

Title - Nelson

After The Rain

"The Way You Look Tonight" - Hollyhock

Title - Dorothy Fields & Jerome Kern

The Way You Look Tonight

"Sunshine In The Shade" - Chrysanthemum

Title - The Fixx

Sunshine In The Shade

"The Waiting Room" - Portico in a Washington, DC Monastery

Title - Genesis

The Waiting Room

"(In My) Solitude" - Spanish Mission, Tucson Arizona

Title - Duke Ellington, Eddie DeLange, & Irving Mills

(In My) Solitude

"The Shadows" - Ben Nisbet, Tucson Arizona Musician

Title - The Shadows

The Shadows

"Disconnected Synapses" - Washington, DC Metro Train

Title - Frank Zappa

Disconnected Synapses

"Wild Night (Is Calling)" - Las Vegas Strip at Night

Title - Van Morrison

Wild Night (Is Calling)

"Shadows And Light" - Cat Between the Window and the Shade

Title - Joni Mitchell

Shadows And Light

"Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - Front Door, Washington, DC Monastery

Title - Bob Dylan

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

"Road To Nowhere" - Hospital Rooftop in Richmond, Virginia

Title - Talking Heads

Road To Nowhere