With their guidance, inspiration, and support, numerous people helped in my artistic journey. Even before this project, many fellow photographers graciously mentored me as I developed as a Storyteller and image creator.

Gail Weiss: kind and loving woman I am thankful to have as my dear friend, guide, and objective curator of my art.

Billy, Tim, Skyla, Erinn, Fekadu, Johanna, Lisa, Shanae, Amanda M, Heather, Brian, Allen, Cristina, Jenny, Sue, Connie, Beverly, Jeremy, Amanda S, Robin, Yuging, Harlene, Andrea, Barbara, Cora, Mary, Ethel, Michelle, Jillian Bessett, Joshua Butcher, Damon Barnaby, Eugene Boronow, Lara Ruggles, Chris Sahlin, Scott Gilmore, Sarah Vitort, Erin Elizabeth, and Olivia Reardon the Storytellers and thirty-eight amazing, caring, courageous people an artist could ever hope to work with.

Jimi Giannatti: photographer extraordinaire and author of the Forward to my book. He is a soulmate, brother, and fellow music lover. His photos that now hang in the permanent collection of the UCLA African American Library were impactful in my portrait work. Jimi’s photographs were on the cover of Spin Magazine, among others. He’s photographed Will Smith, Cindy Crawford, Jamie Foxx, John Wooden, Muhammad Ali, and more. I am grateful for his kind words that opened my book, My Picture Tells A Story.

Mallory Heinrich (lead editor) and Johanna Cruz (associate editor): two incredibly talented women who made my words coherent and pithy. Pithy is a word my son Avi introduced me to many years ago. Mallory and Johanna took my attempts at being pithy and made them pithier.

Michael Austin Stevens, my cousin Bunny, and Patty Hankins: significant touchstones in the history of My Picture Tells A Story.

Jeff “SpryTime” Miller, Aurore Rominger, and Jimi Giannatti: my sounding board and book review committee. Three fellow photographers and artists whose friendship I cherish. Their craft and art inspire me.

Dona Jones: a talented artist and accomplished woman; her friendship and support opened the doors that made this project possible.

Jim Auerbach: longtime friend, brilliant travel photographer, the man whose insistent but gentle pushes helped me get out of my way. Sadly, Jim died of cancer in October 2019. The dedication to my book is in his memory. He was a gentle and kind soul.

Kathy Klenner, Meg Copas, and Kelly Barry, three colleagues and friends from Payroll Network: Their encouragement and support throughout my photo art endeavors was something I had never experienced in a work environment, particularly in senior management. When the opportunity to exhibit arose, they played an important part.

Payroll Network: an incredible group of people who were more family than work colleagues. Payroll Network is a nurturing and caring company I called home for over thirteen years. Built by Charlie Wolf, it is a company that cares about the people who work for him. As an artist, I could not have been in a better place as I pursued my artistic dreams, especially in the last five years at the company.

Artist and Makers and the Artist and Markers’ Artist Community: a place built by an artist for artists in support of artists. Founder Judith Olivia HeartSong and all the artists in this community

Julius Schlosburg: brilliant Tucson photographer, Julius is the photographer for my bio photo. I am grateful to be the father of this gracious and beautiful man.

Tucson Music Community: After moving to my new home in Tucson in November 2022, I wanted to start a new Story Series based on the Tucson music scene. The reception to this series by the Tucson Music Community was gratifying. It began with the first story on April 22, 2023, with the incomparable Jillian Bessett and her story. The series is ongoing.